Many companies have helped out LRUG and it's members in some way. Here we list them and say thanks.

Some of these companies even offer us discount codes for services or events. For example, most of the publisher user group programs involve a discount code for their webstore. Generally speaking we'll give out these codes when we find out about them during one of our meetings or via the mailing list.

Meeting Administration

Skills Matter

Skills Matter

Skills Matter have been the kind providers of the venue for LRUG since 2006. As organisers of several conferences and training sessions they've also been kind enough to supply us with various discounts, and even free tickets, for these events on occasion.


Big First Name

At most LRUG meetings we all sport name badge stickers made using Big.First.Name. The application is written by Jason Lee a long-time LRUG member.

Meeting Sponsorship

The following companies have sponsored one of our meetings by hosting us when our main venue sponsor couldn't for one reason or another!

  1. Cleo
  2. Makers
  3. Simply Business
  4. GoCardless
  5. Farmdrop
  6. FT
  7. Overleaf
  8. Altmetric

The following companies have sponsored one of our meetings in one way or another. We're very grateful for all the food, drinks, conference tickets, books, discount codes, and money-off vouchers they've provided us over the years. If you'd like to show your support for LRUG, why not find out how to sponsor us too!

  1. Unboxed Consulting
  2. New Bamboo
  3. Eden Development
  4. Taskforce
  5. Brightbox
  6. Yammer
  7. thoughtbot
  8. Team Prime
  9. Explore
  10. Avdi Grimm
  11. Braintree Payments
  12. GitHub
  13. Streetbees
  14. Unboxed
  15. Carwow
  16. Nested
  17. BookingBug
  18. FreeAgent
  19. Cogent
  20. Hired
  21. Pusher
  22. Beyond
  23. Future Learn
  24. All Your Base
  25. container.camp
  26. Overleaf
  27. Altmetric
  28. Infinitium Global
  29. Bath Ruby Conference 2015
  30. Resource Guru
  31. ReThink Recruitment
  32. How Are You?
  33. Workshare
  34. House Trip
  35. Globaldev
  36. Go Free Range
  37. AdRoc Group
  38. vzaar
  39. Railscasts
  40. O'Reilly
  41. Peepcode
  42. QCon



Pearson Education User Group Program

We're a member of the Addison-Wesley / Pearson Education user group program and they've kindly sent us books for review, and as prizes for our occasional pub quiz style meetings.


APress User Group Program

We're also a member of the APress user group program, membership of which has generated several copies of books to review and some prizes for pub quizes.


O'Reilly User Group Program

We're also a member of the O'Reilly user group program and they've also been kind enough to support us with books for reviews and prizes. They've also supplied us with discount codes for the major rails conferences that they organise.


Manning Publications

The final publisher we are a member of the user group program for is Manning, but so far, we've yet to really take advantage.