Posting Jobs

So, you're wondering if someone in the illustrious LRUG community might be able to do some work for you? Here are some tips to bear in mind when posting to the mailing list; following these will hopefully maximise your chance of getting useful replies, and minimise the chance of affecting the signal-to-noise ratio of the list as a whole.

Sign up to the mailing list

You'll need to be signed up to the mailing list in order to post (this helps us protect the group from spam). You can do so on the mailing list page – look for the section "Subscribing to Chat".

Prefix your subject with [JOBS]

Alas, there are some people who are definitely not interested in any opportunities. You can help them by adding [JOBS] to the start of your subject line, which they can then use to filter your email appropriate. __Please use "[JOBS]" exactly, in uppercase, surrounded by square brackets. So, for example, if you wanted to post with the subject "Senior Rubyist needed, remote OK", you should use the subject line [JOBS] Senior Rubyist needed, remote OK.

Be as specific as possible

Using vague phrases like "I have an opportunity at a high-profile Ruby company paying market rates" is likely to trigger a negative reaction in our members. You'll get much more respect if you provide as much detail as possible, including specifics about the company, what they do, and why they are hiring. Include information about where the job is geographically, and whether or not the company would consider remote work.

Say if you the job is for contract or permanent position, or both. If you are looking to fill a contract position mention the expected duration of the contract.

Come to LRUG

You might also consider coming along to a couple of meetings and standing up at the start of the meetings during the "anyone got anything to say" part to make your pitch. You'll be able to give much more context, and actually start speaking to potential candidates directly.

In general

Make your email as friendly and informal as possible and explain why people would want to come and work for you. What's different about the project, what's exciting about it, etc… The LRUG list gets a lot of job offer emails, so you want yours to stand out. For example, don't post your job ad; let people know you are hiring and why it would be interesting to work there and people can get in touch for more details.