LRUG Nights

Sometimes it's nice to forget about learning. Sometimes it's nice to meet folk without having a predefined agenda. Sometimes it's nice to drink beers. Sometimes it's nice to solve crimes in the seedy LA underworld. But most of the time it's just nice to drink beers.

Welcome to LRUG Nights.

A monthly meetup, roughly halfway between our regular meetings, where we chat, drink beers, maybe solve crimes.

Season 2, Episode 1

Winter is coming! Let us make shelter in a lovely warm pub, for good chats and enjoyable times.

Let us know if you might be coming via the Lanyrd event.

Posted by James Adam on Nov 23, 2012

LRUG Nights are semi-regular pub meet-ups that float around different venues. You should watch the mailing list for details. Each episode is organised by "Mitch", but if you come along he might ask you to help out with the next one.

Inspired by acts_as_hasselhoff and his finest moment.