January 2024 Meeting

The January 2024 meeting of LRUG will be on Monday the 8th of January, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm (meeting starts at 6:30pm).

This time we're being hosted by the lovely folk at Cleo in their offices, on Shoreditch High St. Full venue and registration details are given below.


Sky Computing

Kevin Sedgley says:

What comes after cloud computing? Cloud computing is convenient, ubiquitous and relatively cheap. But it also locks developers into proprietary solutions that make migrating to another provider or bringing your solutions back in-house difficult and expensive. If AWS, Google Cloud Computing, Azure and all the others are clouds, then we also need a sky. Researchers at Berkeley and other institutions have proposed sky computing: an interoperability layer that removes technological lock-in and enables multi cloud application development.

  1. LRUG January 2024 - Kevin Sedgley - Sky Computing

Leveraging Localised Gems (LLGems): Re-using Code the Ruby Way, Safely

Joel Biffin says:

The talk takes a look under the hood of our Rails monolith, our Rails Engines, and how we share code between them. It's a bit like a kitchen experiment – blending the best of both worlds to enhance the Separation of Concerns, while still keeping our favorite code recipes within reach. I'll share our adventure of moving some Kafka infrastructure code from the main Rails app into a local gem (with zero downtime!). Think of it as giving the code a new home where it can be shared across our Rails Engines. We've also managed to preserve our unique, in-house testing infrastructure in the process which is a serious Brucie bonus!

  1. LLGems
  2. LRUG January 2024 - Joel Biffin - Leveraging localised gems (LLGems): Re-using code the ruby way, safely


When the talks come to an end we'll decamp to a local pub for some food, some drinks and some chat with your fellow attendees.

Of course, even though this is the socialising part and seems more informal, please remember that still we consider it to be a part of the meeting and covered by our code of conduct.

Venue & Registration

Prior to attending you should familiarise yourself with our README paying close attention to the code of conduct which applies to all attendees.

Secure your place

Hopefully you all remember that physical meetings involve finite space and so to be guaranteed entry you need to register via eventbrite.


The address of the venue:

Unit 2.10, 2nd Floor
Tea Building
56 Shoreditch High St.
E1 6JJ

See on a map

The venue has a hard limit of 60 people. If you register and realise you can't come, please use eventbrite to give up your place so we can someone else come in your place. We might be able to let in people on the night who haven't registered, but we can't guarantee it.

Posted by Chris Lowis on Dec 18, 2023