What Are We Going To Do About A Logo?

Voting / Sumbission Rules

  1. Design submissions stop by Wed 9th April, 2008 @ 1pm. Deadline passed
  2. This page will be updated to present all submitted logos. Complete
  3. Voting Starts immediately after. Voting has ENDED
    1. Votes via email to the mailing list or me directly (I can't be arsed setting up a gameable online poll and trying to police it).
    2. It's not a secret ballot. Your names will be attached to the logo you vote for.
    3. To avoid ambiguity, votes should include the full url (from this page) for the one you like. (no "I vote for the red one that Dave did" votes will be counted).
    4. You have 1 vote. Use it wisely.
  4. Voting stops Mon 14th April, 2008 @ 1pm. Voting has ended
  5. Winner announced ~6:30pm Monday night at the April 2008 meeting. Kudos to be distributed shortly afterwards. Winner Announced
  6. I'm going to be a dick about people who don't stick to these rules. There is no common sense in democracy.
  7. We NEVER talk of this again.