February 2023 Meeting

The February 2023 meeting of LRUG will be on Monday the 13th of February, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm (meeting starts at 6:30pm).

👪 in person meeting alert 👪

Maybe next month we'll stop calling this out as a novelty, but for now it's still potentially unusual so here we are. We're once again in-person and the lovely folk at Funding Circle are hosting us in their offices, on Queen Victoria St. Full venue and registration details are given below.


A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Stream Again: live coding a Ruby project

Tom Stuart says:

Last September I began regularly livestreaming my work on a side project to build a WebAssembly interpreter in Ruby. In this talk I’ll tell you how it’s going and what I’ve learned so far.

  1. LRUG February 2023 - Tom Stuart - A supposedly fun thing I'll never stream again: Live coding a Ruby project

To mentor or to mentee - that is the question

Matt Bee says:

I started out 2022 looking for a mentor to help me on my ruby career adventure. After reflection (and some interesting insights) I realised that perhaps that was the wrong way round, and I would get more from being the mentor - here I'll share a journey, lessons learned and why maybe you should mentor someone too.

  1. LRUG February 2023 - Matt Bee - To mentor or to mentee that is the question

Data Structures in 3 Paradigms: Ruby Spotlight

Frank Kair says:

Using a simple data structure as a starting point, we discuss three different programming paradigms (imperative, object oriented and functional), not only in terms of implementation, but also as a broader framework for learning and having a richer mental model for problem solving.

  1. LRUG February 2023 - Frank Kair - Data structures in 3 paradigms: Ruby spotlight

Using the 'mob' tool for productive pairing

Chris Zetter says:

My team started using the opinionated 'mob' tool for our remote mob and pair programming sessions. I'll explain what the tool does and how I've found it helps us to maintain momentum while pairing.

  1. LRUG February 2023 - Chris Zetter - Using the mob tool for productive pairing

Strings: Interpolation, Optimisations and bugs

Matt Valentine-House says:

In this talk we'll explore a bit about how string interpolation works in Ruby. We'll do this while investigating and fixing a bug arising from an assumption made as part of an optimisation many years ago that is no longer true.

  1. LRUG February 2023 - Matt Valentine-House - Strings: Interpolation, optimisation and bugs

WET: Why DRY isn't always best

Fell Sunderland says

An opinionated look at the pros and cons of choosing abstractions early vs. waiting and duplicating effort

  1. LRUG February 2023 - Fell Sunderland - WET: Why DRY isn't always best

Using ChatGPT to Program in Ruby

Jairo Diaz says

The talk will be about using ChatGPT, an advanced language model developed by OpenAI, to explore programming with a bot. The aim is to show how developers can use ChatGPT to learn, write, and debug code in the Ruby programming language.

  1. LRUG February 2023 - Jairo Diaz - Using ChatGPT to program in Ruby

“Pure” OOP in Ruby

Dmitry Non says

What if Ruby had NOTHING except classes and objects?

  1. LRUG February 2023 - Dmitry Non - "Pure" OOP in Ruby


Once we're done with the talks we'll leave the venue (after doing our best to help tidy up) and find a local pub for to eat, drink, and discuss the talks we've just heard.

Of course, even though this is the socialising part and seems more informal, please remember that still we consider it to be a part of the meeting and covered by our code of conduct.

Venue & Registration

Prior to attending you should familiarise yourself with our README paying close attention to the code of conduct which applies to all attendees.

Secure your place

Hopefully you all remember that physical meetings involve finite space and so to be guaranteed entry you need to register via eventbrite.


The address of the venue:

Funding Circle
71 Queen Victoria St

See on a map

The venue has a hard limit of 75 people. If you register and realise you can't come, please use eventbrite to give up your place so we can someone else come in your place. We might be able to let in people on the night who haven't registered, but we can't guarantee it.

Posted by Chris Lowis on Jan 18, 2023