October 2022 Meeting

The October 2022 meeting of LRUG will be on Monday the 10th of October, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm (meeting starts at 6:30pm).

👪 in person meeting alert 👪

September was a success, and we have a willing venue host, so we're having another in person event. This time we're being hosted by the lovely folk at Cleo in their offices, on Shoreditch High St. Full venue and registration details are given below.


How to be completely ignorant

Paul Battley says:

How much does a bit of code need to know to do its job? I'll show how I transformed a bit of complicated, untested, flaky, and poorly understood code into something pleasant to deal with and easy to test by applying the principle of making it know as little as possible.

  1. LRUG October 2022 - Paul Battley - How to be completely ignorant

The long road to ruby 3 vs. the short road to ruby 3.1

Murray Steele says:

I'll share how the team at Cleo meticulously planned and delivered the upgrade to ruby 3.0 on our rails app so smoothly that we became drunk on our own competence and totally messed up our upgrade to ruby 3.1 the following week. A rare talk where you will learn some best and worst practices.

  1. LRUG October 2022 - Murray Steele - The long road to ruby 3.0 vs. the short road to ruby 3.1
  2. Talks ∋ The long road to ruby 3.0 vs. the short road to ruby 3.1


After the talks we'll avoid outstaying our welcome with our hosts and move on to a local pub to grab some food and drinks and to talk over what we've heard from our speakers.

Venue & Registration

Prior to attending you should familiarise yourself with our README paying close attention to the code of conduct which applies to all attendees.

Secure your place

Hopefully you all remember that physical meetings involve finite space and so to be guaranteed entry you need to register via eventbrite.


The address of the venue:

Unit 2.10, 2nd Floor
Tea Building
56 Shoreditch High St.
E1 6JJ

See on a map

The venue has a hard limit of 60 people. If you register and realise you can't come, please use eventbrite to give up your place so we can someone else come in your place. We might be able to let in people on the night who haven't registered, but we can't guarantee it.

Posted by Murray Steele on Sep 18, 2022