May 2022 Meeting

The May 2022 meeting of LRUG will be on Monday the 9th of May, from 6:20pm to 8:00pm (meeting starts at 6:30pm).

Full registration details are given below, but do note that we will only be sending out the zoom meeting url to people who have registered, because we have limited places, so please do it.


Mining a gem: how to safely discover, extract and share useful code from your Rails app

Duncan Brown says:

We recently extracted a gem for talking to Google BigQuery from 5 different Rails applications at the Department for Education I'll talk through the process of pulling the code out, how to test gems that work with Rails, figuring out how to deal with divergence among existing implementations of the same functionality, and how we're driving adoption of internal open source at DfE.

  1. LRUG May 2022 - Duncan Brown - Mining a gem: how to safely discover, extract and share useful code from your Rails app

GOV.UK’s response to COVID-19

Leena Gupte and Rosa Fox say:

Leena and Rosa have been Senior Developers/Tech Leads on the GOV.UK Coronavirus team. The team’s work began in March 2020 when a service they built over a weekend had nearly 50,000 registrations on the day it launched. Two years later, after building lots more services (using Ruby… of course) and serving millions of users, the GOV.UK Coronavirus team finally disbanded.

Rosa and Leena will take LRUG through a timeline of GOV.UK’s response to the pandemic. We will discuss what we delivered, our successes, failures and how the team supported each other to cope. We will share how Ruby/Rails and tools such as the GOV.UK Design System enabled us to build and deploy critical services at pace.


When the talks come to an end we can't quite replicate the convivial atmosphere of hanging out in a local pub with your fellow attendees, but we do leave the zoom call running to let those interested chat for a while. If you have some ideas about an alternative approach, then let us know at


Prior to attending you should familiarise yourself with our README paying close attention to the code of conduct which applies to all attendees, even though we are all in our own little bubbles.

Secure your place

Even in a virtual world there are limited places for attending the meeting so you need to register via eventbrite. The link to the zoom meeting will only be sent to registered attendees on the day of the meeting, around about 6pm. Keep an eye out for the email and check your spam just in case.

Do prepare yourself in advance by downloading the zoom client.

Posted by Murray Steele on Apr 22, 2022