August 2021 Meeting

The August 2021 meeting of LRUG will be on Monday the 9th of August, from 6:20pm to 8:00pm (meeting starts at 6:30pm).

Full registration details are given below, and please do note that the zoom meeting url is only sent to registered attendees, so please do make sure you do it.


10 years on - building startups with Ruby on Rails

Tom Blomfield from Generation Home:

Tom was the founder of GoCardless (built in Ruby) and Monzo. He recently joined the board of Generation Home (also Ruby) - a London-based mortgage provider. He's come back to talk about the evolution of the London startup community and how successful fintechs are still building on Ruby on Rails

  1. LRUG August 2021 - Tom Blomfield - 10 years on - building startups with Ruby on Rails

Do regex dream of Turing Completeness?

Daniel Magliola says:

We're used to using Regular Expressions every day for pattern matching and text replacement, but… What can Regexes actually do? How far can we push them? Can we implement actual logic with them?

What if I told you… You can actually implement Conway's Game of Life with just a Regex? What if I told you… You can actually implement ANYTHING with just a Regex?

Join me on a wild ride exploring amazing Game of Life patterns, unusual Regex techniques, Turing Completeness, programatically generating complex Regexes with Ruby, and what all this means for ou understanding of what a Regex can do.

  1. LRUG August 2021 - Daniel Magliola - Do regex dream of Turing Completeness?


The zoom call will stay open after the talks are finished for a little bit if attendees want to chat for a while. It's not as good as shouting across a table at the Singer Tavern, but we make do with what we can. The speakers may hang out so you can ask them questions you weren't able to during the meeting. If you've got any ideas for something better, then please do let us know at Thanks!


Prior to attending you must familiarise yourself with our README paying particular attention to the code of conduct which applies to all attendees, even though we are only tiny flat moving images like prisoners in the Phantom Zone.

Secure your place

Thanks to capitalism we can only host a limited number of people in our Zoom meetings, so you need to register via eventbrite. The link to the zoom meeting will only be sent to registered attendees on the day of the meeting, around about 6pm. Keep an eye out for the email and check your spam just in case.

Give yourself a head-start by downloading the zoom client (lol, as if you don't already have it).

Posted by James Adam on Jul 21, 2021