October 2020 Meeting

The October 2020 meeting of LRUG will be on Monday the 12th of October, from 6:20pm to 8:00pm (meeting starts at 6:30pm). In keeping with the times, our meeting will be online.

We'll run the meeting on our own zoom account, so make sure you have the zoom client for your preferred device, or know how to attend via the web.

Full registration details are given below, note that we will only be sending out the zoom meeting url to people who have registered, so please do make sure you do it.


We've got two talks lined up for you this month. We also need more talks for the rest of year, and beyond, so please get in touch on talks@lrug.org if there's something you'd like to say to LRUG.

JWTs - what Rails developers need to know

Dan Moore:

What is a JSON Web Token (JWT) and why do you care? JWTs are a stateless, standardized way to represent user data. This talk will discuss why JWTs matter and the nuts and bolts of JWTs. We’ll also discuss how you might use a JWT in your Rails or Ruby application.

  1. LRUG October 2020 - Dan Moore - JWTs - what Rails developers need to know
  2. JWTs - What Rails Developers need to know
  3. Ruby JWT Examples

Getting Past the Tech Test

Michael Mazour:

Sometimes people have great backgrounds and great skills, but have trouble getting hired because they didn't approach the tech test the way the company wanted. As someone who reviews a lot of tech tests at work, I'm going to explain some of the unwritten rules and expectations that you might not know if you've been out of circulation or are just entering the job market, and help you level up your tech test game.

  1. LRUG October 2020 - Michael Mazour - Getting past the tech test
  2. Getting Past the Tech Test


A few of us usually hang out in the Zoom chat after the meeting. It only really works with a handful of people though, so we're still on the lookout for something else tha would work for more attendees. If you have any ideas on that, do get in touch at organisers@lrug.org and we can explore it together.


Prior to attending you should familiarise yourself with our README paying close attention to the code of conduct which applies to all attendees, even though there's no pub or venue. Basically they are good rules to generally live your life by.

Secure your place

Even in a virtual world there are limited places for attending the meeting so you need to register via eventbrite. The link to the zoom meeting will only be sent to registered attendees on the day of the meeting, around about 6pm. Keep an eye out for the email and check your spam just in case.

Do prepare yourself in advance by downloading the zoom client.

Posted by Chris.Lowis on Oct 05, 2020