February 2018 Meeting

The February 2018 meeting of LRUG will be on Monday the 12th of February, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm (talks start at 6:30pm). The venue, Code Node between Moorgate and Liverpool St. stations, is provided by Skills Matter. Full venue and registration details are given below.


In February we devote our whole evening to lightning talks of no more than 10 minutes. This year our talks are:

The Human Cost of Messy Code

Adrian Booth says:

What are the real costs behind a messy codebase? It’s not just about being harder to change and annoying to work with. There are human costs to these decisions we make every day that have implications beyond the codebase.

Search Relevancy

Rosa Fox says:

A quick introduction to search result relevancy featuring GOV.UK.

_why Symbol#to_proc works and more

Simon George says:

How Symbol#to_proc found its way into Ruby core, who put it there, ways it can be extended, and a crude drawing of a fish.

Software Development – a view from the Boardroom

Alan Buxton says:

Chances are you are building software for a business to use or sell, or both. It’s likely that there is a board of directors involved making decisions that affect you and your software. This talk aims to give you a personal insight into what it’s like to be a CTO on a startup’s board in the hope that it gives you another perspective on ‘the business’ and helps you become a more rounded developer.

Introduction to Active Storage

Dan Kim says:

A brief introduction to Active Storage, a new library for cloud attachments in Rails applications. How to install Active Storage and integrate it with cloud services like Amazon S3. Comparison to the existing file upload solutions.

Things I wish I'd known about Ruby Gems

Iain Beeston says:

I want to give a talk that discusses a handful of topics related to rubygems, that might be interesting for devs who haven't published a gem before or don't know how they work. I'd like to discuss what a gem really is, how gem loading works, how to debug errors coming from a gem you're using and how to make your own gem.

Increase your quality of life: An RSpec primer

Elena Tanasoiu says:

If you can’t be arsed to read a book about RSpec, this talk is for you. I’m here to offer you a short but sweet look into Rspec and what it can do. It’s a list of nice to knows, but did you actually know them? Based on “Effective testing with Rspec 3” by Myron Marston and Ian Dees

Git commit signing: Code we can trust?

Matthew Rudy Jacobs says:

When we install software on our computers we have to trust the package maintainers that it's secure.

If someone slips a hack into homebrew all of our machines could become vulnerable.

But what about our own code? * When we deploy to production, how do we know we can trust it? * What if someone pushes a hack to our github? * Will CI still push it to production?

It turns out Git has a cool feature that can help us trust the code we deploy. We'll discuss Git Commit Signing, how it can help us, and what downsides it may have.


We should be done with the talks by 8pm, but there's bound to be plenty to talk about after these so if you want to chat to your fellow attendees or the speakers afterwards you have a couple of choices:

  1. Code Node. Skills Matter run a bar with a choice of drinks (hard and soft) available. As well as other LRUG members you can network with attendees of the other meetups that Skills Matter are hosing on the same night.
  2. The Singer Tavern. This bar is a short walk north from Code Node (you can find it at 1 City Road, EC1Y 1AG). This pub has a decent food menu on offer as well as a selection of drinks and other LRUG attendees to help you while the evening away.

Regardless of what you choose to do, please remember that this part of the meeting is still covered by our code of conduct even though it does seem more informal.

Don't worry that you'll miss out on this part if you can't make the talks. Attendance of the talks is far from mandatory to attend the socialising afterwards, so please do come along anyway if you can.

Venue & Registration

Prior to attending you should familiarise yourself with our README paying close attention to the code of conduct which applies to all attendees at the talks and afterwards in the pub.


The address of the venue:

Skills Matter CodeNode
10 South Place

See on a map


To secure a place at the meeting you must register with our hosts Skills Matter. It helps to make sure we have the room laid out with enough chairs, and in extreme cases that we get priority on the larger rooms over other groups using the space on the same night. Also, it's good manners, so please do register with Skills Matter.

Posted by Murray Steele on Jan 23, 2018