November 2016 Meeting

The November 2016 meeting of LRUG will be on Tuesday the 15th of November, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm (talks start at 6:30pm). Please note that this meeting does not conform to our usual schedule and is being held on a Tuesday.

The venue, Code Node between Moorgate and Liverpool St. stations, is provided by Skills Matter. Full venue and registration details are given below.


The invisible cost of code

Luke Morton says:

Every line of code has cost associated with it. The cost of writing it. The cost of testing it. Deploying it. Reading it. Changing it later. I'd like to identify some of the costs and suggest ways of reducing them. Hint: write less code in the first place.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk & Docker for Rails developers.

Tomas Valent says:

Elastic Beanstalk (EB) is a product from AWS that is trying to provide easy to setup load balanced environment of EC2 instances.

In this talk we will configure simple Rails app, wrap it in a Docker container and ship it to AWS EB setup. We will look at some awesome configuration options.

Where does my code go? - Rails Edition

Michael Lennox says:

While Rails provides us a great platform for rapid application development it doesn't give us much guidance on where to start placing common abstractions once our domain complexity grows. This talk isn't about the 'architecture astronaut' or fighting rails to implement 'better' patterns, it's a really basic intro to some of the layers you can implement tomorrow to compartmentalise your code without having to fight the framework.

Food and Drinks


The nice people at Cogent have arranged to provide us with some pizza and drinks. These will be available before the meeting in the Skilss Matter downstairs bar area, so there's even more reasons to turn up early. Cogent are a software agency in Melbourne, Australia, and are looking to hire ruby devs, if you're interested they'll help you relocate.

Thanks for supporting us Cogent!


The talks part of the meeting ends around 8:00pm. If you'd like to continue the evening you have a choice of where to go next:

  1. The downstairs area at Code Node. Skills Matter have a cash bar with a choice of drinks on offer. There are other meetups hosted by Skills Matter on the same night so you can mingle with attendees of those events to find out what's happening in those communities.
  2. The Singer Tavern (located at 1 City Road, EC1Y 1AG). This is where you'll find many LRUG attendees who fancy a drink and a bite to eat.

If you are unable to attend the talks you are still more than welcome to come along for this part of the meeting. The more the merrier.

Venue & Registration

Prior to attending you should familiarise yourself with our README paying close attention to the code of conduct which applies to all attendees at the talks and afterwards in the pub.


The address of the venue:

Skills Matter CodeNode
10 South Place

See on a map


To secure a place at the meeting you must register with our hosts Skills Matter. It helps to make sure we have the room laid out with enough chairs, and in extreme cases that we get priority on the larger rooms over other groups using the space on the same night. Also, it's good manners, so please do register with Skills Matter.

You can also find this meeting on lanyrd, but this is not a meaningful way to tell us you wish to attend. We mostly use it after the meeting to collect artefacts about the talks like videos, slides, writeups, code, etc.

Posted by Murray Steele on Oct 17, 2016