January 2016 Meeting

The January 2016 meeting of LRUG will be on Monday the 11th of January, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm (talks start at 6:30pm). The venue, Code Node between Moorgate and Liverpool St. stations, is provided by Skills Matter. Full venue and registration details are given below.


From monolith to microservices: A true story

Andy White wants to tell us about the microservices architecture they use at Quill Content:

How we moved from a huge Rails monolith to small microservices - the how and the why.

  1. Skills Matter : Skills Cast : From monolith to microservers: A true story

The journey to Primed.is

Neil Robertson & Jake Prime want to tell us about Primed.is. First Neil will quickly introduce us to Primed.is:

Primed.is - improving recruitment pain

Recruitment is a pain, isn't it? Does it have to be this way? We say 'no' and we want to show you why. Primed.is a web application to tackle common recruitment problems and we can't wait to tell you all about it.

Then Jake will talk to us about his journey while building it:

A Guide to Becoming a Ruby on Rails Developer

After working as a Flash developer and team lead for 10 years I have switched to become a Ruby on Rails developer to build our new product, Primed. This is the talk I would like to have heard a year ago when I was beginning that journey.

  1. Skills Matter : Skills Cast : Primed.is - improving recruitment pain
  2. Skills Matter : Skills Cast : A guide to becoming a ruby on rails developer

Using direnv with ruby and 12factor apps

Jonas Pfenniger Chevalier will show us a new environment switcher tool he's written called direnv:

direnv is a language-agnostic environment switching tool that I wrote a 5 years ago and still use every day.

This talk is going to present the tool and it's capabilities, and then explore how it can be used by ruby developers. Hopefully it will be useful to you in the everyday life as a developer, or just spark some interesting conversations.

  1. Skills Matter : Skills Cast : Using direnv with ruby and 12factor apps


After the talks we like to wind down with food and drinks at:

Singer Tavern
1 City Road

See on a map

We'll be there from about 8pm so if you can't get to the earlier part of the evening feel free to come along to the pub and hang out.

Venue & Registration

Prior to attending you should familiarise yourself with our README paying close attention to the code of conduct.


The address of the venue:

Skills Matter CodeNode
10 South Place

See on a map


To secure a place at the meeting you must register with our hosts Skills Matter. It helps to make sure we have the room laid out with enough chairs, and in extreme cases that we get priority on the larger rooms over other groups using the space on the same night. Also, it's polite (don't forget MINASWAN), so please do register with Skills Matter.

You can also follow this meeting on lanyrd, but this is not a meaningful way to tell us you wish to attend. It's just for the lols, innit?

Posted by Murray Steele on Dec 20, 2015