May 2015 Meeting

The May 2015 meeting of LRUG will be on Monday the 11th of May, from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Our hosts Skills Matter will be providing the space, at their offices on Goswell Road; The Skills Matter eXchange. Registration details are given below.


Rewriting Code and Culture

Sabrina Leandro says:

This is the story of a company that survived a much needed transformation of its product and codebase, but most importantly, of its culture. There's no real prescription for being agile. It's about the journey a team takes to discover how to best work together and deliver great products.

In this presentation, I'll share a candid view of a team trying to overcome a slow product development process. How we refactored our way out of badly coupled code, moved to continuous deployment, and greatly improved our approach to product and software development.

  1. Skills Matter : Skillscast : Rewriting Code and Culture

Rails New Way

Kamil Lelonek is going to talk about building modern, maintainable and robust Rails applications. He asks:

  • Why a conventional Rails architecture fails?
  • What price do we pay for Rails’ simplicity?
  • Why Rails tries to solve complex problems in one monolithic class?
  • Should we follow the Rails way or drop Rails at all?

With presented building blocks he'll try to help solve common problems in current Rails applications.

  1. Skills Matter : Skillscast : Rails New Way - building blocks for modern Rails architecture

Book Giveaway

Infinitium Global

The nice people at Infinitium Global have arranged to make 20 copies of David A. Black's "The Well Grounded Rubyist 2nd Edition" available to LRUG members and we'll be handing them out at this meeting. We used our mailing list to allocate each book to a lucky LRUG member on a first-come, first-served basis. Infinitium are hoping to make this a regular event, so if you'd like to be in with a chance of getting your hands on a book in the future you should sign up to our mailing list.


Our talks usually end at about 8pm after which many members can be found at The Slaughtered Lamb chatting about what they just learned and other goings-on in the ruby world. The pub is large and has a good menu of food and drinks (alcoholic and non) so all are welcome, even if you were unable to attend the talks.


To secure a place at the meeting you must register with our hosts Skills Matter. It helps to make sure we have the room laid out with enough chairs, and in extreme cases that we get priority on the larger rooms over other groups using the space on the same night. Also, it's polite (don't forget MINASWAN), so please do register with Skills Matter. Prior to attending you should familiarise yourself with our README.

You can also follow this meeting on lanyrd, but this is not a meaningful way to tell Skills Matter you wish to attend. It's just for the lols, innit?

Posted by Murray Steele on May 01, 2015