January 2009 Meeting

The next meeting of LRUG will be on Monday the 12th of January, from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Skills Matter are hosting us as usual in their offices, but you'll need to register your attendance for them to let you in.


Couch DB

Paul Carey has been tinkering with CouchDB for a while and has even written a ruby library called RelaxDB for it. In his talk he's going to cover both of those things.

  1. Skills Matter : London Ruby User Group : Couch DB

Abstractions For Website APIs

Paul Mison is going to do a short talk on libraries and abstractions for website APIs. Specifically how he thinks they should be written (and how he thinks they shouldn't be). The talk will mostly focus on Flickr, so an understanding of Flickr's API and the existing abstractions might be of use.

  1. Skills Matter : London Ruby User Group : Abstractions For Website APIs


There's always time for a drink after the meeting and we usually head to The Crown Tavern which is just round the corner from the venue. If you can't make it to the talks part of the evening, the pub should be overflowing with ruby chat from about 8:00pm onwards, so come along!


Please register with Skills Matter if you are planning to come. They need us to register for fire-regulations and making sure we get the best sized room for the number of attendees.

There's also an upcoming event for those of us that love online calendaring, but this is not a place to indicate attendance in a meaningful way for Skills Matter.

Posted by Murray Steele on Jan 05, 2009