August 2009 Meeting

The next meeting of LRUG will be on Wednesday the 12th of August, from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. As usual our hosts Skills Matter will provide the space, at our new venue The Crypt (it's very close to the other venues). We still need people to register though to make sure the room is set up properly.


Making your rails app kick ass with ruby-prof and kcachegrind

Taryn East wants to talk to us about profiling.

I've used the ruby-prof and kcachegrind tools a few times to profile some of the rails projects I've worked on. They're powerful tools that can let you dig down into the bowels of your code and find the real trouble-makers, but they require a bit of familiarity as they really are a bit of information-overload. So I thought I could give a talk on how to set them up - where/how to use them and what they can do for you.

A video of Taryn's talk is available on the Skills Matter site.

AMQP in Ruby

Alex Graul is going to talk about AMQP messaging with ruby.

AMQP is a powerful, flexible and completely open messaging standard. Capable of scaling to millions of messages a second with incredibly low latency, AMQP is an fantastic backbone on which to build service architectures. In this talk I'll give you an overview of the AMQP standard, an introduction to synchronous and asynchronous libraries for working with AMQP in Ruby and some examples uses.

If he's finished writing it, Gerhard Lazu will do a demo of a app for buffering ICY streams using AMQP.

A video of Alex's talk is available on the Skills Matter site.

Heroku (maybe)

Morten couldn't make it, but hopes to be able to offer us this talk at some point in the future.

Morten Bagai from Heroku might be in town and if so is going to give us an overview of their platform. His presentation will also cover where they're going in the near future, what they'd like to know from us and info on their plans for their European customers.

"Analogue Blog"

StealingBorrowing an idea from the Sydney Ruby User Group we'll put aside some time at the start of the meeting where you can pass on information you think is of interest to the group. For example you could announce a new gem you've written or found useful recently, let people know about any interesting events that are happening soon or just bring people's attention to news or gossip within the greater ruby community. If you'd think about blogging it or starring it in your RSS reader, then mention it here. This section will last for about 10-15 minutes and anyone can speak if they keep it short and to the point!


The Others (20090812-R0012408)

At the end of the formal part of the meeting we change into our smoking jackets and retire to the quiet backrooms of a local tavern for a snifter of brandy, a fine snub of tobacco for our pipes and try to outdo each other with increasingly outrageous anecdotes. The Crown Tavern is just down the street from the venue for the talks and is ideally located for this after-hours debating session. Those of us unable to make the main meeting should aim to arrive at The Crown Tavern at about 8pm if they want to join in the debate.

Chris and Mike (20090812-R0012411)


We need people to register with Skills Matter if they are planning on attending. Registration lets Skills Matter know how many people to expect to turn up and plan the venue accordingly. There shouldn't be any capacity problems with the new venue, but you should still register as early as you can to help them out.

There's also an upcoming event for those of us that love online calendaring, but this is not a place to indicate attendance in a meaningful way for Skills Matter.

Posted by Murray Steele on Jul 20, 2009