February 2007 Meeting

Our next meeting will be on the 12th of February from 6:30pm to 8:00pm and see us return to our usual Skills Matter venue at 1 Sekforde St.


Saving The World With Rails

We've got Richard Livsey lined up to tell us how he's been Saving The World With Rails

Richard will discuss his experience with Ruby and Rails and what he has found whilst developing a suite of applications to prepare for and respond to disasters. Specifically, he will look at how Ruby helped him and CitySafe rapidly prototype an application to model liquid gas spills, some of the plug-ins they have developed. He will also touch upon building RESTful applications in Rails.


Unfortunately Paolo was unable to make it for this meeting due to illness, however, he did make it for the April meeting instead.

As a warm up to Richard's talk we've got Paolo DonĂ , over from Padova in Italy, asking us Do we really need a plugin for tabbed navigation?

Paolo will show us the tabnav plugin, and discuss its implementation. This plugin raises a few questions on how we deal with view components. Is it ok to have configurable and ready-to-use widgets instead of rails helpers? How should those widgets be configured? Is it ok to write a specific DSL for each widget? This presentation raises many questions, and Paolo will give us his point of view and try to stimulate a discussion around it.


Of course as usual we'll decamp to the pub round the corner afterwards for a beer or two.


If you're coming, make sure to register with Skills Matter on their registration page so they have a handle on numbers. For calendaring fans there's an upcoming event too. You'll still need to register with Skills Matter even if you say you are attending on upcoming, because there's nothing more fun than telling the internet something twice.

Posted by Murray Steele on Jan 24, 2007