December 2007 Meeting

The next meeting of LRUG will be on Monday the 10th of December, from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at our usual Skills Matter venue at 1 Sekforde St..


Rails CMS Roundup

Thomas R Koll has been looking at Rails CMS solutions recently. He's going to present to us a quick review of the current crop of players: Radiant CMS, Mephisto, Goldberg and possibly others. The rest of his talk will focus on how easy it is to integrate existing sites / code into these CMS solutions based on 2 example websites that he'll integrate the CMS's into during the talk.

Slides and extra content are available here.

Ruby 1.9

Ruby 1.9 is scheduled for release around Christmas 2007 and Murray Steele decided to take a look at the development version to see what was new and exciting with this latest version of the language we all know and love. Murray's talk will draw on his findings and explain to us some of these new features and also cover the changes between ruby 1.8 and ruby 1.9.

Slides are available here.


The Crown Tavern is only a hop, skip and jump away from the Skills Matter offices and we congregate here after the talks for a drink and a chat. If you don't think you can make it for the 6:30 kick-off of the main presentation part of the evening, just come along to the pub for the socialising.


Please register with Skills Matter if you are planning to come. They need us to register so they make sure we get the most appropriately sized room, but they can only accommodate a larger than usual meeting (more than 80 folk) if they get enough notice to book a bigger room, so register now rather than later. There's also an upcoming event for those of us that love online calendaring.

Posted by Murray Steele on Nov 21, 2007