September 2006

Last night Alex Bradbury gave a great presentation on ARIEL, A Ruby Information Extraction Library. All agreed that Alex is doing very impressive work. Some LRUGers are already planning to try out ARIEL for data parsing in various projects. Thanks for coming to speak Alex!

We've added a new announcement segment to the meeting. It's a chance for everyone to share releases, news and events with the group. Here's a summary of last night's announcements and pub chat:

Recent Releases by the London crew

UJS Rails Plugin 0.3.1

by Luke Redpath and Dan Webb Unobtrusive Javascript for Ruby On Rails makes it easy to apply javascript behaviour to your page unobtrusively.

Rails Engines updated for Rails 1.1.6

by James Adam Engines are enhanced plugins - use them to share code amongst your own applications.

Mocha 0.3 released with Rails plugin (blog post)

by James Mead A library for mocking and stubbing within a TestCase.

Events of Interest

Join to keep up with the latest events:

London 2.0 RC 7, Tonight Sep 5

Selenium author Jason Huggins speaking

Pizza on Rails, Wed Sep 13

RailsConf Europe, Thu-Fri Sep 14-15

Pub Standards X Evening, Thu Sep 14

London Microformats vEvent, Sat Sep 30

Euruko 2006, Sat-Sun Nov 4-5

The European Ruby Conference, held in Munich


Structured releasing of Rails Plugins

James Adam and Luke Redpath have a project under way to standardize the Rails plugin release process. The Rails core team have recently given the project their approval.

mySociety on Rails

Louise Crow introduced Ruby on Rails to the mySociety team in February. She created a voting application to help the mySociety volunteers democratically choose a day for meetings.

New contact person at SkillsMatter

Joanna Go is our new contact person at SkillsMatter. Thanks once again to SkillsMatter for providing a venue for our meetings. :)

Posted by James Adam on Sep 05, 2006