LRUG Nights

Episode #20: Rendezvous

Episode 20 of LRUG Nights will take place on Tuesday, March 30th 2010.

The week after the Scottish Ruby Conference there'll be a few visiting rubyists coming through London on their way home. A few of them have got in touch and so we've arranged a special LRUG Nights to meet up with them. We'll be spending the night in The Harrison Bar, starting at 6:30pm.

Come along if you want to say hi and get the low-down of the conference if you missed it, or continue the conference socializing if you did go. Mitch might even make an appearance if he get's done dealing with an embezzling wife and her murderous husband.

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LRUG Nights are semi-regular pub meet-ups that float around different venues. You should watch the mailing list for details. Each episode is organised by "Mitch", but if you come along he might ask you to help out with the next one.

Inspired by acts_as_hasselhoff and his finest moment.