LRUG Nights

Episode #19: Epilogue

Episode 19 of LRUG Nights will take place on Wednesday January 6th 2010.

Our normal meetings will be changing venue starting with the January meeting, and so we need to find a new post-meeting pub. This extra-special LRUG Nights is tasked with that mission. We'll start at 6:30pm in our old drinking den The Crown to say goodbye to it, and then it's off to the areas surrounding our new venue to seek out a replacement. Chances are we'll checkout a few of the pubs in these areas:

Come along if you want to help our mission (and indulge in some ruby chat). Mitch won't be there as he's dealing with some step-father based murder investigation.

Also, see Upcoming

LRUG Nights are semi-regular pub meet-ups that float around different venues. You should watch the mailing list for details. Each episode is organised by "Mitch", but if you come along he might ask you to help out with the next one.

Inspired by acts_as_hasselhoff and his finest moment.